Smart Connected Products

Generating value from data collected.

Smart Connected products enable companies to rethink and evolve their strategies and processes, and to interact with customers by applying new operating models.
Towards the Platform Business Model.

Water Treatment

Case study


Leading company in the production of water treatment components


Improve the effectiveness of the technical assistance service to the customer by reducing response times and optimizing the mode of intervention

Actions taken
  • Analysis of the whole process, from the request for intervention to the solution of the problem
  • Identification of critical areas of the information flow
  • Definition of the value proposition, business model and operating model
  • Design of the Iot smart system experience that connects all professionals active in the process and facilitates the exchange of information between them
Main achievements
  • New innovative sales business model and better value chain integration
  • Improvement of the operating process that has seen an increment of 30% of the service of assistance from remote
Team & time

1 Partner, 3 Consultant - 3 months

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