Digital Innovation
for Machinery & Manufacturing

The Value Pool in the industrial machinery field, is increasingly shifting from hardware to software.
Digital solutions will play a lead role in creating a greater competitive advantage.


From strategy to actions

We design and deliver:

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New Generation HMI

Consumer Electronics has shaped everyone’s expectations in terms of Digital Experiences, also in B2B scenarios. Today HMI users, buyers and stakeholders require pleasant, efficient and easy-to-use systems. NiEW supports machine-builders to succeed this challenge.

IOT Platform for Industry 4.0

Industrial IOT is one of the most advanced Industrial Machinery related innovations. This means that often market needs are not clear, resulting in an IOT solution offering that symbolize a “technology in search of a solution”. NiEW helps software vendors, machine-manufacturers and end-users to design IOT Platforms capable of addressing the real needs of end users and stakeholders.

Advanced After Sales & Services

As the Value Pool shifts from hardware to software, it also moves from Product to Services. NiEW has designed digital based Advanced post sales Services to ensure higher margins and business continuity to clients in the machinery sector.

Machinery diagnostic system

Today standard Customer Support Service is no longer competitive and is not even sustainable. That’s why After-Sales Assistance should start right aboard the machine. NiEW has been managing complex cross-functional projects to make them evolve from traditional to advanced digital Diagnostic Systems. The benefits range from cost reductions to generating new revenue streams.

Product configurator

Customization is one of the key selling points for every top Industry player, from component to machine-builders. However complexity is extremely high, and product configuration requires great efforts from the sales force. NiEW supports companies in designing easy-to-use, quick, smart Product Configurators that increase the perceived value and conversion rates from the very start of the sales funnel.

Auxiliary software

NiEW has designed taylor-made innovative solutions for a wide range of Industrial software: IDE, MES, MOM, WMS, QA platforms, CAD solutions and more.