Digital Innovation
for Automotive & Mobility

In the next 10 years, the way people move will deeply change. It will be the most impactful transformation of the oldest Industry in history.
Digital evolution will play a key role in creating new opportunities for Automotive & Mobility players both in B2B and B2C markets.


From strategy to actions

We design and deliver:

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XR Purchasing Experience

A new generation of vehicles for a new generation of customers will require new Go-To-Market strategies and tactics. NiEW supports OEMs in designing sales solutions, products and services to launch the transition towards new Purchasing Experiences.

Dealer Digital Marketplace

Digital technology is unlocking new possibilities in the Automotive Go-To-Market strategy, reducing the distance from car-makers, dealers and owners. NiEW helps OEMs in defining B2B2C platforms and markets to match business requirements with technical constraints, to fulfill dealer and customer’ needs.

In Vehicle Digital Experience

There’s much talk about Electrical Vehicles. The truth is these are an intermediate step to the next ground-breaking innovation: Digital Vehicles. NiEW supports OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in designing a new generation of In Vehicle Digital Experience.

Rental Models Evolution

Vehicles are evolving from ICE to EE. Consumer behavior is going from owning to sharing. Rental players will have to deal with new competitive dynamics and aim for a key role in Mobility. NiEW helps companies to identify new market opportunities and prototype profitable Business Models suitable to the new scenario.

CPO & MSP Digital Strategy

Energy is a commodity by definition. Additionally most potential clients have little knowledge on how EV works. This explains why competition in the Mobility sector is so tough. NiEW aids CPOs & MSPs in designing a unique and appealing Value Proposition to enhance the Digital Customer Experience.