Our headquarters is in Modena, a business office is in Abu Dhabi, and due to the nature of our business, we have always supported the work from anywhere model.


Modena Work&Life Balance

We are based in Modena, in the heart of the Motor, Food, Packaging and Data Valley, in a region that is attracting more and more talent and investment and offers a high level of quality of life in terms of work-life integration.

Economically, the city is one of Europe’s largest, in fact, the province is home to important food and metal-mechanical industries. Of global significance is the production of ceramics thanks to the leading companies located between Sassuolo and Fiorano Modenese.

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Modena can be considered the World Capital of Motorsports with the headquarters of the iconic brand of Ferrari, Maserati, Pagani and, a few kilometers away, near Bologna the headquarters of Lamborghini.

As the ancient capital of the Este domains, the city’s courtly cuisine has definitely influenced Modenese cooking; the best known case is that of balsamic vinegar, whose spread beyond a small circle of aristocratic families occurred with the dispersion and sale of the ducal vinegar works during the Napoleonic occupations.

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There are numerous dairies devoted to the production of Parmigiano Reggiano, and great importance is given to cured meats and pork-based preparations to accompany gnocco fritto and crescentina (tigella). The famous tortellini and the characteristic Lambrusco wine produced in the area are exported all over the world.

It boasts the presence of Massimo Bottura’s 3‑star Michelin restaurant La Francescana, which has been named best chef in the world several times.

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Abu Dhabi

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In 2023 we opened a second operational business office in Abu Dhabi. The huge investments allocated for economic diversification, with a strong emphasis on local manufacturing, are aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector on a global scale​.In fact, increasing indigenous production is shaping up to be a cornerstone of the Economic Vision 2030 of Abu Dhabi, now the country’s oil hub.

The UAE continues to bet on connectivity and globalization, investing heavily in the areas of artificial intelligence, the digital economy and space exploration.

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But Abu Dhabi is also fun and culture! The vibrant and dynamic capital of the United Arab Emirates, with 33 years average age of its inhabitants, sits on an island in the Persian Gulf, with a cityscape characterized by modern skyscrapers and large shopping malls that, together with Dubai, make it the temple of shopping.

There are many entertainment opportunities, from relaxing on the beaches of Saadiyat Island to the world’s largest indoor theme park at Yas Island Warner Bros World. For nature lovers, Mangrove National Park and the Empty Quarter desert dunes. The Etihad Arena offers amazing shows, and the cuisine also offers interesting experiences in the many award-winning restaurants.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is home to the world’s fastest roller coaster and the tallest space structure ever built on the planet! If you are a Formula 1 fan, at the Yas Marina Circuit you can watch the final race of each season.

The UAE will surprise you with its openness, sense of welcome and fruitful coexistence of cultures from around the world.

Work from Anywhere

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What is the best condition in the workplace: in person, remote or hybrid? There is no right answer; it’s about balance.

By the inherent nature of its business and in the face of a focus on results, NiEW has always favored flexibility and autonomy in choosing when and where to perform tasks, while providing appropriate technological tools to support it and training on digital solutions.

Realizing that recent global events have put personal well-being and life outside of work in very clear perspective, have intensified the desire for ever greater flexibility and increased employee interest in business ethics and values; NiEW management is by nature prepared to accommodate these needs by encouraging an effective relationship of trust and sense of common purpose with and among employees.

Today about 50 percent of the people who work at NiEW do not reside in Modena, but in other Italian or foreign cities.