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Towards a new-generation manufacturing system

NiEW joins the Clust-ER Meccatronica Motoristica

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Towards a new-generation manufacturing system

Emilia-Romagna is the third national industrial area for production, export and number of employees. Mechanics has always been an international excellence: it’s highly competitive and organized in multiple sectors with the presence of global players, and many highly specialized medium and small companies, leaders in their respective market niches.

Within this huge area of expertise and activities, there are two excellence sectors, which at the same time still have great potential for growth: Meccatronica and Motoristica, which employs over 350,000 people between manufacturing industry and related services.

The Clust-ER Meccatronica Motoristica fits into this economic-productive context, and works to introduce product and process innovations in the leading industrial sectors of Emilia-Romagna, towards a new-generation manufacturing system, capable of strengthening its market position and increasing employment.

The Mechatronic and Motoring Clust-ER operates through the contribution of 7 Value Chain, which are clusters of companies, research centers, university laboratories and other system actors that converge on highly specialized issues.

Niew joins 4 of the 7 Value Chains with the aim of actively contributing to the competitiveness of the mechatronic and motor sector of the Region.

We believe we can contribute thanks to the approach that we use on a daily basis in our activities, an approach based on Business Design, a methodology aimed at identifying the correct value within the reference context and transforming it into people focused solutions” said Andrea Ceci, Strategy and Innovation Advisor at NiEW. Today more than ever digital is the most advanced and powerful technological tool to accelerate and realize the change that our territory is facing. The initiatives and solutions on which it will be necessary to work on together with the other partners of the Value Chain, have to be always practicable and sustainable also from an economic-financial point of view”.