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Digital Car: the future of car, of which electrification is only the first step

November, 18, 2021 “Lessons about future: Automotive meets digital”

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Digital Car: the future of car, of which electrification is only the first step

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November, 18 2021
Convivio Bibendum,

Via Natalia Ginzburg, 39, 41123 Modena
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A conference organized by Niew about Digital car” with the aim of focusing on the critical issues that the automotive industry is facing and will face in the coming years in the path to Digital Transformation, of which electrification is only the first step.

Representing the Automotive world, the Managing Director of UNRAE, Andrea Cardinali and Marco Fainello, Executive Director & Partner of Addfor and CTO of Danisi Engineering, will be present, providing an overview of both technical and market aspects. Gianni Catalfamo, CEO of One Wedge, will introduce and coordinate the debate on the topic.

The conference will be an opportunity to listen to the authoritative testimony of representatives from sectors that have already faced the digital transition. Among these Enzo Mazza, CEO of the Italian Music Industry Federation, Damiano Airoldi, Founder and CEO of Magnetic Media and curator of the Apple Museum of Technology, Alberto Yates, Country Manager Italy Book​ing​.com. The round table will be moderated by M. Cristina Ceresa, journalist of Il Sole24Ore and Director of Green Planner Magazine.


The event, which in a new and unusual format aims to bring to the Automotive sector an original and innovative contribution, will see the media partnership of VaiElettrico, the largest Italian newspaper dedicated to sustainable mobility.

Schedule November, 182021

Daniele De Cia — Partner & President NiEW
ADX — Automotive Digital Transformation
Gianni Catalfamo
Industrial considerations on the Automotive Digital Transformation
Marco Fainello, Andrea Cardinali
moderator Gianni Catalfamo
Q&A e Break
9 lessons from rock climbing
Video contribution by Matthiew Childs
co-founder Noble Savages Marketing
Lessons about future on Digital Transformation
Enzo Mazza, Alberto Yates, Damiano Airoldi
moderator Cristina Ceresa
NiEW for automotive: methodology supporting ADX
Andrea Violante — Partner & CEO NiEW
Event conducted by Andrea Ceci — Strategy & Innovation Director NiEW
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Convivio Bibendum, Via Natalia Ginzburg, 39, 41123 Modena

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In compliance with the Decree-Law No 105 of 23 July 2021, and followings, admission to the event is only allowed with a valid COVID-19 green pass certificate, excluding people with a valid medical certificate exoneration.

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