Adacta Webinar
June 22 at 5 pm

Webinar in collaboration with ADACTA

event making evolving

June 22 at 5 pm

The strategic plans outline the market trends and the future scenarios in which the companies will found themselves operating. This exercise requires a reflection on how to maintain their competitiveness with future-proof products and/​or services, therefore economically sustainable, profitable and not replaceable.

Webinar NiEW and Adacta

During the webinar we will illustrate how to support companies along paths of evolution towards digital, starting from product innovation with a focus on the effects that the actions taken will have on all the other company’ business areas.
This is the only way to reach a strategic vision that allows you to assess the impact of change, which is no longer a choice but a necessity.

Partecipating is free. Link to register  https://​www​.adac​ta​.it/​c​o​urses…