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Making. The path to digital Manufacturing

A new conference by NiEW

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Making. The path to digital Manufacturing

Bibendum 01
May 18th, 2022
Convivio Bibendum,

Via Natalia Ginzburg, 39, 41123 Modena

A new conference organized by NiEW aimed at Machinery e Component Builders where the value pool is increasingly shifting from hardware to software and consequently from Product to Service.

The digital adoption will play a key role in the creation and maintenance of the competitive advantage, which will therefore no longer be linked to the product, but also associated with the entire relationship between Company and Client, in an end-to-end digital Customer experience perspective (from needs generation to purchase, to goods production, up to after sales services and disposal).

These are the topics that we will address, with the significant testimony of industry sector company representatives: 

  • Andrea Anesi, CTO of Emmegi
  • Massimo Birolo, Global Manufacturing Operations Director of Bonfiglioli Riduttori
  • Paola Olivieri, Head of Business Development of Fameccanica Group

Speakers will participate in the round table moderated by Mauro Bellini, Director of ESG360 and Industry4Business.

Alexander Bromage, founder of Passtur, an innovative startup in the food manufacturing sector, will also be on video from the USA.

Digital 360

The event is supported by the media partnership of Network Digital 360, the largest network in Italy of B2B newspapers and portals dedicated to digital transformation and entrepreneurial innovation issues.

Agenda of the day 18 Maggio 2022

Attendees registration and welcome coffee
Welcome by NiEW
Andrea Ceci — Director — Strategy & Innovation NiEW
Digital Manufacturing: product and servces evolution
Andrea Violante Partner & CEO NiEW
Flexibility and scalability through digital: a business case in food manufacturing
Alexander Bromage Founder Passtur video contribution 
Digital transformation and industrial transformation: rethinking the competitiveness of companies and territories.
Mauro Bellini Director ESG360Industry4Business
Following, Bellini moderates the discussion: 
Industry 4.0 and digital innovation: a debate about operations, product and business
Andrea Anesi Emmegi,
Massimo Birolo Bonfiglioli Riduttori,
Paola Olivieri Fameccanica Group
Key success factors for digital evolution in Manufacturing
Daniele De Cia Partner & President NiEW


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Convivio Bibendum, Via Natalia Ginzburg, 39, 41123 Modena

Seats are limited

In compliance with the Decree-Law No 105 of 23 July 2021, and followings, admission to the event is only allowed with a valid COVID-19 green pass certificate, excluding people with a valid medical certificate exoneration.

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