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Where to see it

The photo exhibition for which NiEW is a sponsor


Where to see it

Mostra fotografica manifesto
This is the manifesto” of the traveling photo exhibition Women and Motors? Just Joys” that NiEW supports.

The exhibition aims to distinctively represent the women-automobile pair by breaking down clichés and retrograde commonplaces that too often accompany it.

The project consists of 20 photographs of as many women behind the wheel of iconic Alfa Romeos that are part of the private collection of the Fratelli Cozzi Museum in Legnano, whose Founder and President Elisabetta Cozzi is the creator.

In the coming weeks it will be possible to visit the exhibition at:

  • In February Palazzo Castiglioni, Venezia 47, Milan, headquarter of Confcommercio 
  • March 5 to 20 Autodromo di Imola, during Women Motor” event and subsequent
  • March 14 to 19 Municipio di Lugano, on the occasion of Donne e Auto” event
  • February 11 to March 3, Festival della Filosofia, in Varese

Photographs by Camilla Albertini