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"This is me - Hackathon_21"

NiEW takes part in the challenge proposed by Dizme Foundation

"This is me - Hackathon_21"

An initiative by Dizme Foundation and Cariplo Factory in collaboration with InfoCert. The aim is to identify orginal ideas and create innovative solutions on the theme of decentralized digital identity, Self Soverign Identity (SSI). 

Through "This is me - Hackathon_21", Dizme Foundation wants to promote the development of a new identity model that allows us to gain real control over our data and protect our privacy. 

According to Gartner's report “Innovation Insight for Decentralized and Blockchain Identity Services”, the launch of decentralized identity, scheduled for 2021, will radically transform traditional methods of data access.

"At Niew we are already supporting companies to develop new service models and smart connected products solutions, which include SSI as enabling technologies", said Daniele De Cia, Partner & Founder, "We're glad to take parte in the challenge proposed by DizmeID Foundation. We support the Foundation project from the start, that was born to develop a network of SSI Credential; we also helped improve the UX of the DIZME platform digital wallet".

The Hackathon will take place in April and March 2021, and is aimed at Start-Ups, innovative Smes, Talents and Studios of experienced Digital Compliance professionals.

Hackathon 21