News Cover promozione del libro Teresa Alaniz 03 2024

An emotion driven methodology to design

Emotion-driven innovation” is the title of a new book from Teresa Alaniz and Stefano Biazzo.

Working in design strategy, design operations, UX, and human-centered design, Teresa Alaniz, Director of Delivery and Strategist at NiEW, understands the significance of aligning product features with the emotional landscape of the target audience.

Her book presents the development of a process to support product design teams in envisioning emotion-focused new product ideas — Emotion-Driven Innovation (E‑DI). The E‑DI process aids a design team in identifying the occurrence of emotions in a certain category of products present in the market and applying this information to make strategic decisions when defining the emotional intentions for the new product. This innovative approach was developed in collaboration with Stefano Biazzo, Professor at the Department of Management and Engineering at Università di Padova, highlighting his significant contribution to the project.

Drawing from her extensive experience in the field, Emotion-Driven Innovation” is more than a method; it’s a reflection of Teresa’s commitment to fostering deeper human connections through design. It’s an invitation to explore the confluence of emotion and creativity, and a guide for those ready to pioneer the future of empathetic product experiences, in order to create products that deliver at a functional level and connect at a human level.

Libro Teresa Alaniz

You can find the book on Amazon and Springer.