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An increasingly strategic role of value added services in manufacturing

Research results on Servitization presented today

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An increasingly strategic role of value added services in manufacturing

Today, during the webinar organized together with Caprari, with the collaboration of Anima Confindustria, NiEW presented the results of a research on the theme of Servitization in the manufacturing sector in Italy.

The results confirm the incrising strategic role of the Advanced services and the awareness that there is not a single solution for all business realities, but the need to adopt the one that best suits its objectives.

Main advantages by adopting innovative solutions in the field of After Sales
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The relevance of the issue was investigated by NiEW through a survey on how it is perceived and addressed by both machine manufacturers (Oems) and users (End Users). The survey involved a sample of about 100 companies in the manufacturing world, of various sizes and sectors.

From the point of view of Oems, the results confirm the growing importance of the After Sales and Service area, expressed also through the desire to improve the Value Proposition, today mainly product-oriented, placing greater focus on the provision of value added services. 

From the point of view of End Users, the results of the survey show that these companies attribute an overall positive opinion to the traditional services they benefit from, such as technical assistance on the ground. When we talk about advanced services, we think of Paas (Product as a Service) as the maximum point of arrival of the evolution of the Services, and greater attention has been placed on this.

During the webinar, Dr. Armando Bigliocchi brought the significant testimony of the company Caprari on its experience of strategic innovation throughout the Customer Service area. In particular he illustrated the project, carried out with the support of NiEW, about the logics of updating the price lists of spare parts in a value pricing perspective, or according to the perceived value by the Customer, who is increasingly central, also in manufacturing projects.

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