Make your business future‑proof

In this phase of global transformation, companies have to navigate in uncertainty and adapt to the dynamics of an increasingly competitive and insidious market.
NiEW’s team accompanies customers along innovation routes to identify and enhances their internal skills and build future-proof strategies. 

Daniele decia

Daniele De Cia

Partner & President

The analysis and design of products, services and digital platforms has been the core of the experience of Daniele over the last 15 years. Degree in Design Thinking, Executive MBA, university lecturer, founder of NiEW.

Andrea violante

Andrea Violante

Partner & CEO

The last 10 years Andrea has been contributing to strategic product design and product innovation. Degree in Design Thinking, executive training in Strategic Marketing. He has led projects that have won the RedDot Award, ADI Index, IF Award and German Design Award.

Giacomo iannelli

Giacomo Iannelli


Managing transformation processes and analysing economic and financial feasibility Giacomo has been assisting companies of medium and large size over the last 25 years. After about 15 years of partnership with Ernst & Young, he joined NiEW in September 2019.

Andrea ceci

Andrea Ceci

Strategy & Innovation Advisor

An expert in innovation and Industry 4.0, Andrea supports companies in projects of analysis and continuous improvement. Joined NiEW in June 2019, after 12 years of activity in CRIT (private innovation centre).

Pict About Us

The mission: bring out the potential of all companies

Due to a considerable experience in leading projects within big and complex organization, NiEW can introduce and adapt those best practices even to support small and medium traditional business companies, bringing out their unexpressed and intangible value.

A collaborative, agile, scalable approach

To quickly achieve valuable results, NiEW methodology is focused on three integrated competences

Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Real context value identification through field research, main functions involvement and solutions effectiveness validation.

Digital M Indset

Digital Mindset

Digitization is the most advanced and powerful technological asset to speed up and implement changes.

Financial Acumen

Financial Acumen

Business solutions must be “viable” even from an economic and financial perspective.